CXPower (short for Community eXtended Power) is an organization started in Denmark 2014 by Respons ApS, with a vision of creating local and de-central energy solutions that also are commercially sustainable.

Our mission is twofold:

Create a local energy buffering and management solution for the industrialized world, where owners of energy producing wind turbines and solar cells, home owners and businesses struggle to make sustainable energy solutions commercially viable without subsidizing.
Create a Rural Area solution using the same technologies for the third world. We want to help transform rural areas in developing countries with access to power, and based on this to education and a minimum of healthcare.

The Sustainable Energy Challenge

In today’s market sustainable energy solutions are not commercially sustainable without subsidizing. The amount of investment in technology combined with the uncertain prices of energy buying from and selling to the grid, makes sustainable energy projects dubious business for private households and businesses.

CXPower has set out to change this by integrating management of energy flow from sources to consumption through local and decentral Energy Storage Units.

The Rural Area Challenge

An estimated 1.4 billion people on the Indian subcontinent, in south East Asia and in Africa live without access to electricity, off the grid so to speak. They may have cell-phones but not access to charge them. They use poor and polluting kerosene lamps and candles for lighting. They have of course no access to modern digital educational platforms. CXP believes is that this can be changed in an economically sound and sustainable way, driven by local people

CXP’s mission is to supply remote communities in developing countries with solar power, portable battery-packs, energy efficient tools and innovative software solutions to enable sustainable education and basic health care services.

The Solution

CXP is capitalizing on recent technology developments to deliver a package of robust, proven and inexpensive technology