Agile Lean Leadership is an organizational framework that effectively can be implemented with the purpose of becoming resilient and creating sustainable value for all stakeholders. A focus that is especially significant during times of external change and uncertainty. An Agile Lean Organization is able to make quick decisions while still remaining reliable, innovative and with a consistency of purpose. Agile Lean Leadership takes its offset from the classic Scrum framework.


Based upon years of research and practical application, we have developed an “Agile-Lean” inspired framework that organizations can use to radically improve their performance.

The approach focuses on customer requirements and uses a system of small, cross-functional, self organizing teams, which are fully engaged, competent and committed to their team goals. Each team has dual servant leaders, one to establish clarity of strategic purpose and the other to maintain operational integrity and to keep everything on track. 

The framework can be used for every aspect of an organization from customer facing sales teams, through product development, executive management, manufacturing and even for integrating suppliers and customers. 

It’s overarching aim is to maximize the power of the whole organization and engender a leadership style which empowers everyone on the team to be their best in the common cause of the whole organization’s success.   


Created and refined over several years, our suite of educational programs can be delivered in person or online. Naturally we teach the essence of Agile Lean Leadership but there are Foundation, Scrum Master and Product Owner courses with optional exams and certifications, plus courses for Executives, Practitioners, Team members and more.


Agemba is a cloud based workflow and collaboration tool that puts the ALL framework to practical use for the creation of successful organizations.

It’s Circle Map depicts the organization’s value chain, allowing users to work together with total transparency and accountability. With tools like the Road Map, Product and Tactical Backlogs and Individual Dashboards, users get the information they need to do their jobs instantly and engage fully with the process.

Agemba delivers Radical Improvement through transparency and collaboration, improving overall effectiveness and quality, while reducing waste and saving money.

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