There are a few things – tools if you like – that helps you keep track of everything in your project and it gives visibility to the rest ofthe organization.

Product Backlog

The Product Backlog is a prioritized list of Items that the organization would like to have. In its simplest form the Product Backlog is row of yellow stickers in a orderly sequence on a whiteboard. Every yellowe sticker has:

  • An unique ID or number
  • A name (that makes sense)
  • A description – preferable as some kind of an “User Story”
  • A Business Value assigned by the Product Owner
  • An estimate of the size and scale of the assignment – assigned by the Team.

Sprint Backlog

  • The Sprint Backlog is a list of Product Backlog Items broken down in work assignments.
  • In its simplest form it is a row of yellow stickers on a whiteboard – every yellow sticker has:
  • An ID or number
  • A Product Backlog ID that shows where this work assignment belongs.
  • Name
  • Description
  • Status: waiting, in progress, impeded, done

The best way to implement this is as task board:  

It can be extended with more details – like unexpected tasks that comes into the Sprint these could be represented by red stickers on the task board.

Sprint burn down chart

You can also use a burn down chart to show propulsion: