Organizational Coaching

Our Coaching program offers on-site and online assistance to help create sustainable and resilient organizations through the introduction of the transformative Agile Lean Leadership framework.

Services include:

  • Assessment of current operation, roles and procedures
  • Discussion of possible Agile-Lean, Team-based approaches and structures
  • Advice on implementation and alternative work patterns
  • On-going roll-out support
  • Optional implementation of software tools (Agemba)

Specific considerations

Organizational design

  • Internal and external service structures are designed and described, based on the Team and Circle concept. Where possible, the wider organization should be involved to ensure general agreement and acceptance.
  • Each Team formulates its own Team or Circle “Manifest” describing its purpose, composition, and competencies. Each inter-team/circle relationship and event also has a documented and visible manifest.
  • Patterns and practices to ensure psychological safety in the organization are proposed and discussed.

Team composition

  • How to create a successful, self-organizing Team with the right competencies and personalities.

The Scrum Master or Agile Coach role.

  • The primary focus of the Scrum Master or Agile Coach is to create a working environment that facilitates the removal of impediments, enables learning and innovation and protects the Team’s process so it can keep to agreed timelines. 

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