FREE WEBINAR: Estimation skills and approaches

Tuesday June 22. 2021, at 7:00 PM CET/ 1:00 PM East Coast, USA.

PresenterKurt Nielsen

Poor or absent estimation is often at the root of many organizational failures, resulting in missed deadlines, budget overruns and critical feature omissions.

Being put on the spot to give an estimate is also uncomfortable, especially in complex situations where there is incomplete knowledge or no guide precedents.

In this 1-hour webinar, we will look at different estimation techniques in a high-speed event that also includes an estimation exercise.

Some of the techniques and concepts that will be covered are:

  •  Classic relative estimation:
    • Estimation Poker, t-shirt estimation etc.
    • Magic estimation
    • Online estimating
  • Estimating cost
    • Effort
    • Monetary cost
    • Cost of ownership
  • Value estimation
    • Kano estimation
  • Complexity. How do we know, we know?
  • Preparing for prioritization
    • Impact estimation. Which strategy contributes to which value?
    • Cause and effect estimation. What do we expect happens in a certain state, when this and that event occurs.
    • Cost of Delay, Taguchi loss function, how to estimate.
    • Dependencies
  • Confidence check
    • Is everyone confident we reached a common understanding?

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