Free Webinar: Four ways to do Collaborative Estimation

Wednesday, October. 26 7 PM CET. Duration: 1  hour 

Presenters Kurt Nielsen, Jacob Broberg and Anne Broberg

Estimation as a knowledge-building effort.

With traditional project management, many estimates and predictions rely on domain experts’ individual assessments of cost, time and resources. However, the movement towards agile thinking, with frameworks such as Scrum has carried the argument that many projects and specifically product development often include complexity to a degree that renders expert predictions insufficient. If a situation is truly complex, it requires the voices and engagement of many to create the most reliable estimates. Most people’s guesses and opinions – even experienced-based ones – are subject to moods, cognitive biases and social dynamics. By relying on more than one individual to produce estimates – albeit still people with cognitive biases – the noise and arbitrariness is significantly reduced.

This webinar makes the case for and describes ways of doing Collaborative Estimation.

Collaborative Estimation presupposes that we really are in complex space much of the time. The future is harder to guess than we think, and the discussion around an estimate often carries as much information as the estimate itself.

The webinar will include a practical business value estimation exercise.

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