FREE WEBINAR: Using Liberating Structures to facilitate Scrum Events

Wed. November 17. 2021, at 7:00 PM CET/ 1:00 PM East Coast, USA. Duration 1 hour

PresentersArne Åhlander and Kurt Nielsen

How do you engage everyone in a team? How do you make sure that everyone feels included and able to contribute in a meeting?

The concept of Liberating Structures has inspired groups in all manner of fields and disciplines to invite their members to engage with discussions and topics in new ways, and the micro-structures are tremendously applicable to Scrum Events as well.

The Structures (games/facilitation techniques/conversation approaches) are easy to learn and apply to meetings – providing both fun and novelty as well as liberating participants to contribute ideas and issues that might not otherwise have surfaced.

Sign up for this Free Webinar and learn from experienced Agile trainers Arne Åhlander and Kurt Nielsen how to facilitate and foster lively participation in your Scrum Events using Liberating Structures.

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