Newsletter: Sensory Overload

Sensory Overload

Our heads are spinning, we can’t see the forest for the trees, there is noise in the system. There are lots of idioms to describe the state of confusion caused by sensory overload, but how can we get clarity and focus on what really matters?

Decision making

We use Snowden’s Cynefin decision-making framework to categorize work by domain, so we can approach “complex” work differently from “clear”, or even “complicated” tasks. The same idea can be used with incoming information; e.g., is it clear or obvious, or is it necessary to test some of the assumptions or data?

User Story

Another useful tool used by Product Owners to achieve clarity is the User Story, a plain language document that establishes the rationale for the work at hand and which can be understood by all stakeholders. The format is simple:

Who: I want to do …
What: I need this feature …
Why: For this business value …
When: By this date …


Our workflow tool Agemba even has its own tab for User Stories so that all stakeholders can see and understand clearly what is required and when it will be delivered.

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