New content addition to Scrum courses

It’s been more than 20 years since Scrum’s inception, but it is still as relevant today. Scrum is still a great framework to use to increase your agility and sustainability.

Our Scrum Master courses now also include a new segment on “personal agility”. How I, as an individual organize my work practically to avoid the biggest sources of stress.

We have a series of classic Scrum courses with certification in Vejle, Denmark in the near future. 

Classic Product Owner, February 9-10

Classic Scrum Master, February 27-28

Classic Scrum Master, March 6-7

Måske har I nogen hos jer, der kunne have gavn af dette. Vi kommer jo også gerne og holder en gratis appetizer for jer i at organisere jer og arbejde Agilt og Lean.

Trainer Kurt Nielsen

Kurt Nielsen