Product Owner Advanced

The Advanced Product Owner course is a three-hour training that expands on relevant Product Owner related topics with advanced theory and practice reflection. It is a deep dive into the realm of the Product Owner, where market value and customer needs are the focus. The skillset of Product Owners includes developing the ability to facilitate various estimation exercises and from that make sound, strategic decisions.

The aim of this training is to equip Product Owners to more easily navigate complex scenarios and base their decisions on information that truly reflects the aggregated knowledge of the organization merged with customer needs. 

The course delivers both theoretical insight and hands-on practice exercises in visualization, estimation and value generation and prepares participants to make use of specific methods and techniques straight away. The main topics are:

  • Harvesting and trawling for Product Backlog Items: requirements and acceptance criteria in dialogue with stakeholders
  • Refining, clarifying, decomposing and visualizing Product Backlog Items
  • Prioritizing Product Backlog Items through assessing value, cost, cost of delay, dependencies and more

Course content includes

  • Methods for creating dialogue and collaboration with Stakeholders, flushing out what they know and want.
  • Methods for breaking down epics, preparing large deliverables to enter a workflow.
  • Various ways of displaying a Backlog to highlight elements for consideration.
  • Value Estimation and Risk Assessment – giving participants a tangible grasp on how to make various types of uncertainty visible and manageable.
  • Impact Estimation – providing a deep understanding of how different strategies will directly affect the impact of the contributions being created and how to estimate the effect of these strategies.
  • Achieving a long-term overview over Cost of Ownership and methods for how to incorporate this measure in other estimations. 
  • How to make the Cost of Delay transparent and incorporate the risk of Loss of Opportunity in decisions of priority.

Price: DKK 2000/€ 270 (ex. VAT) including training materials.

See elaboration on prices and conditions here and our course catalogue here