With our new course for Certified Scrum Product Owners we have even more focus on complexity and on the strategic aspect and how do we find the optimal use of our resources? The Product Owner is a central figure in every organization that wants to use Scrum. On the Certified Scrum Product Owner course we train during two days people to assume the role as Product Owner on their projects. The new Product Owner will learn enough tools that he is ready to embark on the journey towards outstanding results. Steve Denning of Forbes Magazine is quoted to have said that Scrum is ‘a major management discovery’.

Scrum makes it possible to create solutions even though we find ourselves in complex situations. This is achieved by introducing boundaries such as working in iterations, clear and distinct roles with a precise responsibility, regular meetings and total clarity and transparency in the process. The result is a culture in the organization which is capable of reacting positively/with favor? towards change and new challenges – the focal point is constant improvement. The Scrum method implicitly creates an increase in job satisfaction and creativity.

The Scrum Product Owner is the person, who takes responsibility for the business value of the project, prioritizes constantly and conveys the specifications for the solution. This practical, interactive course teaches the participants core skills to assume the responsibility of Product Owner with confidence. The theoretical material is taught using new, creative and practical exercises throughout the course. Participants will attain a new perspective and approach to project management, estimation, improving visibility and much more. The course also offers a thorough survey of the advantages the Scrum method produces, seen from a businesslike point of view.

  • Overview and details of the Scrum method
  • The historical and theoretical foundation for Scrum
  • How to effectively lead, prioritize and analyze value
  • Visibility by means of backlogs, burn-down charts etc.
  • How to keep stakeholders happy
  • How to work as a Product Owner using the backlog and specification
  • The collaboration between the Product Owner and the rest of the organization
  • Estimation, planning, risk analysis and prioritizing

Upon successful completion of this course, each participant will be enrolled as a Certified Product Owner, which includes a one-year Scrum Alliance membership, where additional Scrum Master and Product Owner material and information is available. Attendees will receive training materials and electronic copies of presentations, videos, and materials produced during the course. Who should attend? Product Owners, Product Managers or anyone interested in Agile work and getting the most out of your efforts. No prior knowledge of Scrum or Agile methods is required although some prior reading is recommended. We will send information to all participants approximately one week in advance.

Agenda Day 1

  • Introduction, warm-up
  • Starting a project, Backlog storming
  • An exercise in constant improvement with business value
  • Complexity – friend or foe?
  • A Scrum story, “The Big Picture”
  • Scrum roles and responsibilities
  • Scrum meetings and visualization
  • Planning and estimation
  • An exercise in estimation
  • Prioritizing

Agenda Day 2

  • Reflection and repetition of “Vanilla Scrum”
  • Scrum and the Product Owner in a historical perspective
  • An exercise in creating value in a complete project
  • Product backlog building, writing user-stories
  • Finding the business value
  • Backlog analysis, release planning and risk
  • The Product Owner and the Backlog revisited
  • Keeping the stakeholders happy, visibility
  • The Product Owner, the team and the organization
  • Scaling of Scrum, Agile contracts
  • Last exercise: create a product
  • Summing up

The courses starts at 09:00 and ends at approximately 17:00 each day.

The instructor is Kurt Nielsen, his specialties are managing and coaching people, projects and companies. He is a Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Professional and Scrum Trainer, he teaches Scrum, Agile Practices, System Design, automatic test and leadership in general. His goal is to provide honest answers and solutions to honest questions (borrowed from Francis Schaeffer). Kurt has managed software companies and been project manager and Scrum Master. He is an efficient presenter, teacher and coach and does not leave his students unchanged. He combines commercial, technical and human resource views on organization and solutions to derive maximum business value from projects.

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