Collaborator Leise Passer Jensen offers Epic Owner Training

Leise Passer Jensen from Agilit offers NEW Epic Owner Training 


Job To Be Done: We now close the gap – Project managers and product owners are currently challenged with no longer being able to run traditional projects by populating ‘x % resources’ to the project with people from already established agile teams. So, what do you do?

We guide you with an alternative, proven approach: Initiate Epics instead of projects. Coordinate as an Epic Owner with the agile teams and deliver the required Features and Services as a joint effort. Even across agile teams.

During two days of interactive involvement, you will learn about:

  • Epic Owner role and responsibility
  • How you involve your stakeholders
  • Differences between projects and Epics
  • How Epic Owner interacts with your organisation
  • Who estimates? Who plans? Who prioritizes? When?
  • Work with Lean Business Case and Portfolio Management
  • Agile requirements collection and how you break them down
  • Do you need a scaled set-up to structure the work of Epic Owner?
  • Agile Lean Leadership as a means toward modern leadership principles

Epic Owner Education 31/05/2022 + 10/06/2022

When: 31. May & 10. June 2022, 9:00-16:00. 

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Price: DKK 13,900/€ 1075 (ex. VAT) including certificate, training materials, lunch, refreshments and sparring and mentoring during and right after the course.

This course is delivered by Leise Passer Jensen.

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