In Scrum we use several types of meetings:

1. Estimation Meeting

Product Owner, Scrum Master and the Team work together on making an estimate for the entire Product Backlog – so that everyone has somethign to work with in terms of Sprint planning.

2. Sprint Planning

There are in fact two types of Sprint Planning:

Sprint Planning1: The Team and the Product Owner defines the goals for this Sprint they also creates the Selected Product Backlog based on the costs estimates.

Sprint Planning2: The Team works with Selected Product Backlog where they add tasks to each Backlog Item. Each Task should not take any longer than a single day.

3. Daily Scrum Meeting

Will help the Team to organize itself. It is a synchronization meeting between all Team Members. It takes place every day at the same time and the same place. The meeting is limited to 15 minutes.

4. Sprint Review Meeting

Status of the project is controlled through a examination of the functionality of the work. The Product Owner determines if the delivered functionality meets the goals of this Sprint.