Gratis Webinar: Cool Estimation – en invitation til at blive involveret

Onsdag, d. 23. Marts kl 19:00-20:00

Webinaret afholdes på engelsk.

Presenters Jacob Broberg and Kurt Nielsen

On March 23. AgileLeanHouse A/S is inviting you to a different kind of Meetup. 

We’ve recently developed a new software tool – Cool Estimation – that we would like to introduce and provide attendees at the Meetup with a free version and an invitation to provide feedback and be involved in future developments.

Cool Estimation is inspired by the physical card game Estimation Poker and Agile Cards and has been created to enable carrying out similar exercises in online meetings.

The tool supports both Effort, Cost and Value estimation exercises in teams and with stakeholders. It also encourages estimating in ranges – distinguishing between Expected and Worst-case scenarios, thereby revealing how much uncertainty surrounds the estimates. 

As such Cool Estimation functions as an online game that encourages everyone’s input, it functions as a reference point for discussion and it provides decision-makers with a lot of relevant information for making forecasts and priorities.

Value and Effort estimation made easy and fun!

We are looking forward to showing you the tool and hearing your ideas!

You can sign up through

Or read more about Cool Estimation in this pdf: