GRATIS WEBINAR: Den Egentlige Rolle for Ledelsen i en Agil Organization

Torsdag d. 16 december. 2021, kl 7. Varighed en time.

Presenters Kurt Nielsen, Arne Åhlander, Tom Mellor and Mario Gadet

“What is the role of management in an agile organization?” This is a question that often pops up during Scrum Master or Product Owner courses.

When the Agile Manifesto was written twenty years ago, it kickstarted a movement (for want of a better word) that has greatly influenced how software development is perceived and approached all over the world. Empowering teams to see and experience progress and real value creation.

Since then the principles of agile have inspired and influenced many other areas of businesses and organizations, giving rise to a wider focus on principles of leadership.

In this webinar, we will look at three different perspectives on the topic of the Real role of management in an agile organization:

Tom Mellor, former chairman of the Scrum Alliance and an avid trainer and practitioner of agile principles, will give his perspective on the question in a North American context.

Mario Gadet provides the Central European perspective based both on recent studies and ample experience guiding business leaders.

The Scandinavian contribution is presented by Arne Åhlander from Sweden – a valued agile veteran whose perspectives are always based on thorough research and experience.

Kurt Nielsen, CEO of AgileLeanHouse will facilitate the meetup and assure an enriching and entertaining webinar.

Welcome to ‘The Real Role of Management in an Agile Organization’, a one-hour free webinar on December 16. 7 PM CET/ 1 PM EST.

You can sign up through Meetup.