GRATIS WEBINAR: Kunsten at skabe en Story Map

Onsdag d. 3 November 2021, kl  19:00.Varighed:  En time

Undervisere:  Christian Myrstad og Anne Due Broberg

Webinaret foregår på engelsk:

Can Story Mapping be an Art form? How can it be used to develop ideas and gain perspectives on a project?

How can it be used as an instrument for creating a shared visual for a Team – reminding the Team of the actual User Journey and how things are connected?

In this webinar, we will look at Story Mapping as a skill and a tool for product development and project management. We will highlight principles and tips and tricks of Story Mapping and showcase examples of building a Map creatively. Concludingly, we will look at principles for maintaining a Story Map – allowing it to be an organic, ongoing build-up of ideas and deliverables.

Learning how to build a Story Map is a great skill within any kind of creative, productive work and we invite you all to this Free Webinar.

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