The story of Quali-Fi is rather long and winding. Suffice to say, our focus has always been on providing our customers and listeners with an extraordinary experience of music at an affordable price. Today this is primarily reflected in our line of loudspeakers built with full-range drivers and beautiful non resonant cabinets made in sustainable bamboo. The beginning however was much more colorful.

Early days

Quali-Fi was founded by Ole Brøndum in 1963 – almost by coincidence. had a passion for classical music, he ended up introducing Hi-Fi to the Danish market, marked by such brand names as SME tonearms, Dolby noise reduction and JBL loudspeakers. Quali-Fi became almost synonymous with Hi-fi in the market however in 1973 JBL was sold, relations broke down and everybody went their own way. Read more about the early days here…

Fast Forward

Ole Brøndum and Kurt Nielsen met in the early 2000’s around other business initiatives, and discovered a common interest if not passion for good musical experiences.

Kurt Nielsen – an engineer in electronics and acoustics – had since the early seventies built loudspeakers, mostly with various full range units and using various horn designs, which was the craze of the day. 30 years later he had taken the interest up again with the vision of recreating some of the original simplicity in design and clarity of sound in the great speakers of earlier times.
Kurt became aware of some important facts:

  • Recent theoretical models and developments in loudspeaker design including new computer software that could simulate loudspeaker cabinet designs with unprecedented precision.
  • Through a project in the third the many qualities of bamboo became apparent. Cross-ply bamboo material exhibit very little resonance, which makes it an ideal acoustic material for loudspeaker cabinets.
  • MarkAudio from Hong Kong were discovered. They had developed completely new ways of making both suspension and cone design of loudspeaker units. Design and construction of speaker units has taken a quantum leap forward in terms of achievable frequency area, propagation of sound and reduction of distortion.

Kurt built the first prototypes of the Bach loudspeaker with the now legendary Alpair 7 full range unit from Markaudio and brought it to Ole, who was amazed at the detail and the sound stage these little units could produce. In early 2009 the ideas organized into a shared vision of creating a series of loudspeakers with sustainable design and uncompromising sound quality. Quali-Fi was re-born, all Quali-Fi speakers are designed based on the same consistent principles:

  • Clarity and detail are priorities – Quali-Fi designs are with full-range units to avoid compromises in filters. Cabinets are produced in rigid, non-resonant, sustainable bamboo for minimum coloration of sound.
  • Simplicity and sustainability are priorities – no-nonsense visually appealing designs that can be produced easily, at affordable prices with as little negative impact on the environment as possible. The simple and clean lines of the cabinets are combined with full-range drivers of the highest quality.
  • Music lovers above all others – The purpose is to bring the original recording venue as close as possible to the listener. That includes great impulse handling, no phase distortions and a sophisticated three-dimensional sound. Lovers of music have somewhat been left orphaned in the current MP3 audio and home cinema market, Quali-Fi is here to provide an alternative.

The philosophy behind Quali-Fi designs is a mixture of old principles, developed by sound pioneers in the first half of the 20th century and the latest technology in software, simulation, speaker and cabinet design with a touch of sustainability added.